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Character Design



Fine Art

Fine Art

King of Spades

Submission for Playing Arts Contest

My inter­pret­a­tion of the King of Spades por­trays him char­ging into per­il, accom­pan­ied by a hawk. The bird can be taken as a lit­er­al com­pan­ion, hark­ing back to the medi­ev­al tra­di­tion of fal­conry. Equally, it can be inter­preted as a sym­bol of vis­ion, atten­tion and focus. In myth­o­logy the hawk is often used as a rep­res­ent­a­tion of the soul : Valkyries trans­formed into hawks and car­ried the souls of fallen war­ri­ors from Norse bat­tle­fields to Valhalla. Meanwhile in Ancient Egypt and Rome, the hawk was released at the death of import­ant fig­ures to rep­res­ent the soul trans­ition­ing from the mundane into the after­life. In sum, you can view the hawk here as a spir­it anim­al, a com­pan­ion and/​or a remind­er of the fra­gil­ity of life.

The illus­tra­tion was done in black and white and com­bined tra­di­tion­al with digit­al, lin­ear draw­ing. To view oth­er sub­mis­sions please vis­it Playing Arts web­site.

Bonaverde are a star­tup com­pany from Berlin that strives to change the way Coffee is per­ceived. They’re unique in that they let one buy their cof­fee beans green dir­ectly from the grow­er. They’ve designed a revolu­tion­ary cof­fee machine, which allows you to cir­cum­vent the inter­ven­ing sup­ply chain.

I worked with them on their app to cre­ate icon avatars depict­ing Customer (termed a “Coffee Changer”), Grower, Scout and Ambassador char­ac­ters. I also pro­duced a few fur­ther illus­tra­tions of their product and some per­son­al­ised login icons. To find out more please read this blog piece on Crew.

« Gravid » Phone Application

a series illustrating prenatal development

This series of illus­tra­tions was com­mis­sioned by an soft­ware developer for an app he was devel­op­ing called ‘Gravid’ (Norwegian for ‘Pregnant). The app is inten­ded to be used by expect­ant par­ents to help them mon­it­or pro­gress dur­ing preg­nancy, get expert advice and edu­cate them­selves about the day-to-day devel­op­ment of their child in the womb.

The brief con­sisted of design­ing a ‘Mother’ char­ac­ter and then pro­du­cing 41 con­sec­ut­ive weeks of vec­tor­ised illus­tra­tions of the baby grow­ing from a bundle of cells into a new­born.

T-shirt Illustration Design

The Bear, The Lion and The Wolf.

  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 1
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 2
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 3
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 4
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 5
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 6
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 7
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 8
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 9

An illus­tra­tion design embel­lish­ing an ’Alpha’ concept logo, com­mis­sioned via Crew web­site. The illustration’s com­pos­i­tion is inspired by the ‘Allegory of Prudence’ by Titian and its con­tent com­bines a three-headed entity (one Bear, one Lion and one Wolf) with­in the typo­graph­ic ‘Alpha’ logo. Each anim­al is inten­ded to sig­ni­fy a par­tic­u­lar vir­tue the brand wanted to evoke (Lion = Courage ; Bear = Strength ; Wolf = Loyalty). The logo was cre­ated for brand­ing pur­poses and labels, with the illus­tra­tion hav­ing to be cap­able of being prin­ted on black and white appar­el.

  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 1
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 2
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 3
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 4
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 5
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 7
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 9
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 8

Examples of per­son­al­ised illus­tra­tions cre­ated for use in let­ter-pressed wed­ding invites. I have worked on a num­ber of such com­mis­sions, which have been offered to me via the Crew web­site. On the invit­a­tion with a map, I only cre­ated the illus­trated icons and topo­graph­ic ele­ments such as moun­tains and forests.

I very much enjoyed being a small part of people’s « Big Day ». If you’re look­ing for help with a wed­ding invite please don’t hes­it­ate to drop me an email.