I am Karolful

Freelance illus­trat­or based in Leeds, UK.

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She util­ises her advanced draw­ing skills to come up with cre­at­ive out­comes appro­pri­ate to design brief and rel­ev­ant to mod­ern media (prints, mer­chand­ise products, pat­terns, books, book­lets, album cov­ers etc).

Originally from Poland (Wrocław) moved to Scotland to study in 2006 and gradu­ated with dis­tinc­tion from a Master’s Illustration course at Edinburgh College of Art (September 2011). Not long after she moved to Leeds, where she is cur­rently based devel­op­ing her prac­tice ; work­ing on com­mis­sions and per­son­al pro­jects.


The sub­jects which she is inspired by are the human body and move­ment. This is reflec­ted in the theme of con­tem­por­ary dance which she has been explor­ing in recent years. She mainly focuses on work­ing with pen­cil on large scale draw­ings, how­ever recently she has been invest­ig­at­ing mix­ing in oth­er means of draw­ing like digit­al or mono­type.


Through work­ing on com­mis­sion Karolful has developed exper­i­ence and strong interest in char­ac­ter design, graph­ic design, and book­bind­ing. Currently, she is pre­dom­in­antly work­ing in Fashion pro­du­cing illus­tra­tions and pat­terns for children’s cloth­ing. She has been involved in work­ing for mul­tiple both SS and AW col­lec­tions for Mesamis and SunRoo cloth­ing com­pan­ies based in China.


Apart from that, she has developed char­ac­ters for gam­ing industry includ­ing work­ing on series of illus­tra­tion for a table top game called ‘Chronicles of Ollundra’ by Composite Games. She has also worked with writers on illus­trat­ing char­ac­ters for children’s stor­ies like “The Arcane Compendium of Beasts and Races of the Realm”.


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