King of Spades

My interpretation of the King of Spades portrays him charging into peril, accompanied by a hawk. The bird can be taken as a literal companion, harking back to the medieval tradition of falconry. Equally, it can be interpreted as a symbol of vision, attention and focus. In mythology the hawk is often used as a representation of the soul : Valkyries transformed into hawks and carried the souls of fallen warriors from Norse battlefields to Valhalla. Meanwhile in Ancient Egypt and Rome, the hawk was released at the death of important figures to represent the soul transitioning from the mundane into the afterlife. In sum, you can view the hawk here as a spirit animal, a companion and/​or a reminder of the fragility of life.

The illus­tra­tion was done in black and white and com­bined tra­di­tion­al with digit­al, lin­ear draw­ing. To view oth­er sub­mis­sions please vis­it Playing Arts web­site.