Character Design

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT ART PRODUCED FOR GAMES AND STORIES Concept art com­mis­sioned by a game design com­pany. These illus­tra­tions are visu­al­isa­tions of descrip­tions provided by the com­pany, which detail the sequen­tial stages of age­ing for a ‹dragon› char­ac­ter with­in one of their games.The brief was to illus­trate the dragon at sev­en stages in its mat­ur­a­tion from… Read More

Kidswear Illustration 2014 Collection

Textile Design This is a selec­tion of illus­tra­tions cre­ated for the Spring/​Summer 2014 Collection. The three brand char­ac­ters of Mesamis (Bear, Rabbit and Elephant) were designed as 3d mod­els and then used as the basis for all the images. Technique Drawing Collection Dates Selection of 2014 – 2016 Design Medium Sketch The Autumn/​Winter 2014 Collection The Autumn/​Winter 2014 Collection was also inspired by the 3d mod­els. However, this series explored more hand-drawn aes­thet­ics. The… Read More